Expand And You Thought
Aug 27th, 2004 11:53 PM, 4 comments
Er. I was going to start this entry off with "And you thought I wasn't going to make an entry today". You know -- since it's 11:35 PM -- I have only 7 minutes to write. Then I realized that it made no sense what-so-ever since nobody really sits there and waits for me to write. You're probably reading this on Saturday afternoon or Monday morning at work. You should try being more loyal. At the very least, check it at 12:01 AM every day.

I painted the rest of the bathroom purple tonight while listening to Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections. It wasn't exactly relaxing since you have to put forth a bit of effort when painting -- but Blue Fields is a hot track. I need to get better @ my piano.

My dermatologist changed my regimen last week, so this week I developed a nasty zip. I hate him for it.
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