Expand I Lost A day
Aug 19th, 2004 11:50 PM, 7 comments
Yea, so I missed a day. I had more more important things to do. It takes a good amount of time and effort to write in this crap every night. Sometimes when you're tired and it's 11:40 PM, you're just not up for a challenge. Luke tried to IM me at 12:00 and tell me to update, but I told him that nothing happened during my day. Unfortunately that's not exactly true. Sharon went to some outlets a bit passed Richmond for the whole day. She got back really late and came bearing gifts. I got the hook up. Holla if you hear me.

Traffic was fucking horrendous today. For no apparent reason. As I was driving through it, I was cursing everyone in Virginia Beach wishing they all did not exist. It put me in the shittiest mood. But I'm in a shitty mood all the time, so it wasn't anything new. I probably need more sleep.

Garden State is out tomorrow. I've been waiting all summer for it. Maybe that's why the summer has gone by faster than a motherfucking... well. I don't really know of anything that can go as fast as the summer has gone by. The rating on IMDB for the movie was at 5.9 way back even before the movie had it's nationwide release. It's gone up a huge amount since July 28th when it was released in select cities. It's close to getting on IMDB's top 250 -- which doesn't mean shit considering the Matrix is like top 50.

Jordan and I might start working out during lunch Mon, Wed, Fri at the FLEX Gym. That and I ran 1.2 miles in 8 minutes and some change today. I'm hoping I can keep a constant 8-minute-mile-pace when I run the 5K.
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