Expand At Least It's Something
Aug 15th, 2004 11:54 PM, 2 comments
Sharon said she was going to start doing sit ups and push ups every night. So I suggested doing them together and setting goals for ourselves (100 push ups at once after a month -- right). Since she still needs to take it easy because of her wisdom teeth, I decided to see how many I could do. I did two sets of 30 with a bit of struggle at the end of each. I think the most I've ever done was 50 or 60 at a time when we did push ups every morning at Automark. We'll see if I make it to 100 this time -- or even make it past tonight.

I forgot to gloat about the USA beating Brazil at soccer on Saturday. It's pretty funny since Soccer isn't much of a big deal in the states compared to Brazil. So. Yay. GG.

I have to go to a Wedding with lame people on Saturday, so I can't go to a BBQ with cool people. Sorry.

Another good one.
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