Expand Olympics 2004
Aug 13th, 2004 10:19 PM, 0 comments
What the fuck? I've never been a fan of the Olympics, so I've never watched them before. Sharon had the 2004 Olympics on the TV tonight, so I sat down beside her to watch. And again I ask: what the fuck? The whole opening ceremony must be what it's like be on an acid. Who comes up with this shit?

One good thing about watching the Olympics though is that you can do what you do when you sit in a food court at the mall. Talk about people walking by. That's probably the best thing to do on any given day. I spotted this fat chick walking with the United States of America. So I ask Sharon how it was impossible for her to be an olympic participant. Sharon did haven an answer, so I figured it out on my own: she's just the chosen fat chick to represent our whole country. She's lovin' it.

Another thing I found out while watching the Olympics that just blew my mind: they got white people in Algeria. Can you fucking believe that?

Being ignorant if my favorite thing.
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