Expand I Guess Money Isn't Everything
Aug 12th, 2004 11:16 PM, 4 comments
I never really thought I'd catch myself saying that. But now that I am presented with a job opportunity where I can make a bit more than I am now, I find the non-monetary issues weighing in heavier than a salary. I guess I'm hoping a third path will start to open up as time progresses and it just won't matter anymore.

And a little contradicting story, I think I got jipped earlier today. This dude at work was trying to get some food from the snack machines but didn't have any cash. He said he'd trade me his silver dollar for a dollar bill. I might be out a dollar, because I dont think that shit is real currency. =[

I might hang out when Ben Doyle tomorrow night. Would be tight.

Just one more reason I'll never move to New Jersey.
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