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Oct 22nd, 2003 3:56 PM, 0 comments
I'd like to wish good luck to the families trying to sue Rockstar Games and a few other companies over the death of two family members. I'd also like to say get a fucking clue you god damned fucking morons. The kids who did the shooting were apparently 14 and 16. What I suggest is that if think your child/son/father/brother/sister/whatever is worth half of two-hundred and fourty-six million dollars, then you should start by doing some investigative work. You see the children shouldn't even have been playing the game because it has a Mature rating from the ESRB on it. Since you know that they bought the game from Wal-Mart, you should see if it was sold to the children or to the adults. Once you know the answer to this question, then I suggest you seek legal vengence at the appropriate place: sue the store that ignored the MA rating and sold it to them or sue the parents for allowing their children play the game unsupervised and unaware of the fact that what happens in the game is not publicly acceptable behavior. It is absolute fucking nonsense to sue SCEA/Take-Two/Rockstar.

Stop the fucking ignorance people. And if it's just a get-rich-quick-scam, please enjoy hell.
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