Expand Something Else To Consume My Time
Oct 14th, 2003 8:31 PM, 0 comments
As if I didn't have enough crap in my life that demanded massive amounts of my time, I am embarking on a new journey. A journey that will fulfill a life-long goal that I have. A journey SO GREAT, that... eh. So I bought a piano in hopes of being able to play fluently some day. Not a piano, but a digital piano, a Roland HP-2. The piano should be arriving at my doorstep before Friday the 24th. I am very very excited about it -- words really cannot express just how excited I am. Though to give you some kind of idea, I feel more excited than I was when I put together my new computer a few months ago. How's that for excitement, eh?? I also already started "collecting" sheet music. Scorch is some amazing software -- it's a sheet music viewer that will play the music via midi. It should prove to be very helpful to me... I'll just need to buy a laptop now to make it very very helpful.

Two days ago I didn't know the first thing about playing a piano. Now, though, I am already on my way to becoming a master of reading sheet music. I have been teaching myself using a few applications at, namely Piano Player Plus 1.0 and Music Reading 6.0. Also Dana has been a helpful when I have questions. My major accomplishment so far has been this. I played it on Sweet Little Piano from

Currently as I write David is playing his Roland HP-2 and shout-casting it over the Internet to me! I am hearing a joyous medley from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
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