Expand A Follow Up And A Weekend
Oct 5th, 2003 11:10 PM, 0 comments
What was written in the previous entry is still half true. A larger company acquired the company I work for in 2001. This larger company recently acquired another company out of Dallas Texas that does the exact same thing as the company I work for. Duhh. To say the least, I am worried that a number of things may happen. Only time will tell.

Moving on to happier and brighter things, Noah and I saw School of Rock on Friday night. I didn't expect too much since the previews looked weak and I couldn't imagine where they were going with the plot. It had Jack Black though, so the potential was there. It turned out to be an excellent movie. I also have to give props to Norfolk's Cinemark @ Military for still charging $7.50 instead of the $7.75 that Chesapeake's Greenbrier 13 is charging. Can you imagine that Greenbrier 13 doesn't even have the stadium seating that the Military theater has? Inflation is tight -- especially when your yearly raise can't keep up with it.

I hit up Lynnhaven mall on Saturday night with Sharon. We parked at Hecht's and entered into the shoe department. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a Christmas tree and sights of holiday cheer. October JUST began and they already have Christmas crap out on display. This could be coupled along with the whole discussion on kids maturing faster than they used to and premature ejaculation and jumping to conclusions on the outcome of the company I work for.

Carnivale wasn't so great tonight -- it seemed like a filler episode to me. It also reminded me of how Ninjai is playing out -- a ton of filler scenes where nothing really ever happens and the plot never really develops. I hate Ninjai now -- nothing has changed in over a year. The kid has been in or near the muck for the past 4 or 5 episodes. I've lost interest.

On a final note, I got people from AOL searching for me on AOLSearch by name. Big-ups to whoever you are.
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