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Sep 22nd, 2003 2:47 PM, 0 comments
The title says it all. This extended weekend (including Thursday and Friday) was wicked fun and nasty all at the same time. It started off with everyone getting crazy about Hurricane Isabel roaring towards the east coast. In preparation of the guaranteed power outages, I picked myself up a Gameboy Advance SP and a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Review). It turned out to be a well-good purchase, since I put over 13 hours into it since Wednesday evening.

Amber and Drew hung out on Wednesday night before the storm came. Actually they came over and cooked for Sharon and I (Sharon is allergic to their cat). This was a pretty bad ass thing to do. The food was superb -- Enchiladas and Chocolate Fondue for dessert. <3 to our friends.

On Thursday, I had an enjoyable morning and a very exciting afternoon watching the storm do its worst in my neighborhood. As the trees were swaying and bending, I went across the street to tell my neighbor that they should think about moving their car. After ringing the bell and waiting, I knocked in a final attempt to see if they were home. A few seconds later I turned around to see a very large tree begin to bend a bit farther than the others, snap, and fall towards the house directly next door. It was pretty intense, so I gave up on the neighbor's car and went back inside to watch the rest of the trees fall in succession. Our power went out around 12:30 PM, and so I broke out the Gameboy and played it religiously after that.

On Friday, with no power, I wanted to go around and survey the area and snap some pictures. Sharon and I headed out around 9 or 10 AM, fully showered, thanks to a gas water heater. We met up @ Amber and Drew's place where I proceeded to lock my keys in the car. Not a problem normally since it's impossible to get locked out of my house due to an electric garage door open. Problem is we didn't have power, and Sharon didn't bring her keys. Duh. Ignoring the problem at hand, the four of us headed to the Ocean Front and surrounding areas to check out what had happened over the last 24 hours (pictures available in previous entry).

While we were out we decided that we were 1 big family and we'd treat each other as such. Many fights came about and Drew threatened to pull the car over numerous times and let us have it. We behaved after that. Friday evening, the four of us frantically drove around trying to find food, which really shouldn't have been a big of a deal as it was, but with the imposed curfew and our late appetites, we had some problems. We ended up at Harris Teeter and got ham sandwiches, pizza, and burgers and cooked all but the first on the grill. We played some Monopoly until everyone hated Drew, and then we quit.

On Saturday, Sharon and I hooked up with Drew and Amber again to find some breakfast. Waffle House had a slim, and highly over-priced menu that didn't seem very appetizing, so we went o iHOP where we waited way too long to get food. After that, the boys battled the ladies in Taboo to victory. The prize? A trip for 4 to Sports Authority to buy Drew a paint ball gun and myself, some paint ball accessories. To make everyone happy, we headed to Brewster's for some FFSFVWRS. IWRG. Amber and Drew got their power back on that day, and headed home to bask in the conditioned air, while Sharon and I decided to go get some Sushi for dinner. It was sad when we were driving home; we noticed that pretty much everyone around us had power... from Newtown to Centerville, and all of Greenbrier/Volvo.

On Sunday, I had breakfast @ McDonalds -- it was the greatest thing I'd tasted in days. After that, I headed to Wal-Mart to buy some necessities and then to Lowe's to buy an Extension Cord with plans to plug in my computer and run it off the inverter Luke bought me for 30 minutes or so. Obviously, I should have thought of this sooner -- how could I have been so stupid? I am the most unlucky person in the world, so obviously as soon as I bought something to make up for the lack of power, I would immediately have power. Sure enough, when I got home, the power was back on.

I'd like to give big-ups to my family and friends for calling and checking on me. Especially to Amber and Drew for keeping us company, Chris and Noah for the invitations, and Luke for the updates and abstinence from WarCraft III in my honor.
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